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Steps and Retaining Walls

Steps & Retaining Walls

Whether we build you a wall of boulders, blocks, timbers or stones; our designs enhance and beautify your landscape so that they bring out the character and natural flow of your yard.

It might be a small subtle stone wall to accent a tree bed next to a highly traveled walkway …


retaining wall retaining wall



… Or a steep terraced side yard where you need the stone blocks to carve out access to the back yard with a series of steps that gives the visitor a gorgeous view of the colorful perennials and shrubs planted in the surrounding Plant Beds.

steps 10n0.JPG

We will work with you to give your home the beautiful landscape it deserves so it can fit “your style of outdoor living.” Choose from a variety of materials and styles to create the walls that will either accent or hide certain features of your yard. Below are some examples of the work we do and our ability to “Beautify your outdoor environment”.