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Snow Removal/Salting

 Snow Removal

Snow Removal/Salting

We are the biggest, the oldest, and the best snow removal service in Mississauga and surrounding. We have the following:

4 X 4s,  2 units / Loaders / Salters / Single axle

snow removal snow removal



Marsh’s Landscaping & topsoil uses salt, salt/sand mix, and straight sand to create the safest conditions possible for winter driving. Salt is used throughout the core of the city, because it is fast acting and very effective. When the snow and ice melt, the salt is gone. It requires very little cleanup, and does not fill our storm drainage system with silt and debris. We have our own salt dome for added convenience, and to provide our customers with the fastest possible response time.

Salt/sand mix is mostly used on steep hills and grades as it is more effective there, but based on temperature, forecast, snowfall and past experience, we do vary the use of salt, salt/sand mix, and straight sand.